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Current Release: 1.2.0 (Dec 2, 2014)


- new features
  - native support of bzip2ed SCAP files (file extension needs to be '.xml.bz2')
  - improved performance on huge XML documents, especially DataStreams
  - minimized use of temp files to absolute minimum
  - added OVAL-5.11 release candidate schemas
- API changes
  - overall 50 new symbols added to public API
  - introduced oscap_source abstraction for input files
    - all the parsers converted to use oscap_source abstraction
  - introduced ds_sds_session, high level API for playing with Source DataStreams
  - introduced cpe_session, abstraction to approach multiple CPE resources
  - introduced ds_rds_session, high level API for playing with Result DataStreams
    (ARF files)
  - deprecated dozens of API calls dependent on filepath
  - introduced API for waivers (xccdf:override) and modification of ARF
    - initial support for waivers in HTML Report
  - dozens of small improvements
- maintenance
  - dozens of small fixes
  - dozens of memory leaks (whole test suite is now leak free)
  - updated gnulib

A tarball is available at openscap-1.2.0.tar.gz.

Archives can be found at


OpenSCAP is available on Fedora repositories. To install the library, oscap tool and SCAP content run:

To install the oscap utility to your system, simply run the following command as root:

# yum install openscap openscap-utils openscap-content

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The NIST certified version of OpenSCAP package is provided for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. To install the oscap utility and OpenSCAP library to your system, simply run the following command as root:

# yum install openscap openscap-utils

Optionally, you can install SCE technology from Red Hat Enterprise Linux Optional Channel by following command:

# yum install openscap-engine-sce

Source Repository

The source repository for OpenSCAP is stored in git. Clone the repository by

$ git clone

Web access


API changes and compatibility report is available at

SCAP Content



Script Check Engine

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